November 2018 - Natasha releases new album and single Somehow

Natasha England has returned with a brand new 13 track album (check out these great reviews) and 2 track single Somehow. Released on August 10th 2018, the album incorporates theatrical flourishes into the mix, drawing from electronica, jazz, blues, classical and pop. From the shadowy, film-noir-like title-track opener to the fantastic energy busting finale of Hook Line And Sinker, Somehow shows off the undeniable chops of Natasha England in producing a whole, fully realised realm - one that simply stuns! 

The Somehow single release leads with a more contemporary mix of the album’s title track, and the second track is a more laid back edit of the album version. 

Natasha says: It’s been a long time coming, with numerous obstacles along the way...... But now I am relieved and excited to be able to share with you my new music - an eclectic collection of some of the many songs I’ve written over the years and up until now...... It’s a very personal and intimate album  exposing genuine feelings, fears and emotions surrounding the highs and lows of most relationships and what matters most in life - love , but ultimately with an optimistic outlook.....I hope these songs and lyrics will help inspire others to be positive and rise above adversity, move on and be stronger for the experience (worked for me!).

I’m very proud of this album – take a listen (first single/video and album samples below).....judge for yourselves.  

Much love,

Natasha x